Proof that harry and louis are dating tumblr

Perhaps it was louis and harry's mutual affection and closeness in the early years of the band, but for years, the nancy drews of the information super highway have been watching every single move harry and louis make on social media and in public, trying to unearth clues of a secret relationship. There are whole tumblr pages and a hashtag devoted to supporting larry evidence and in some instances, it's easy to question in one gif, harry and louis do some pretty intense staring into each. The fan theory that says louis tomlinson and harry styles are dating (aka larry stylinson) was finally addressed by tomlinson himself in an interview with the sun in the interview on july 21.

Harry styles’ new single at the moment, styles appears to be single, but what about the other type of “single” fans are wondering about at the moment, the young star is teasing fans with a new single that aired on the uk version of the voice. We get it breakups are hard at one point in time, harry styles and louis tomlinson were so close that directioners shipped them as larry stylinson well, that time of their lives is clearly. According to larry shippers, harry styles, 21, and louis tomlinson, 23, have been a couple since the very beginning, but they only officially tied the knot on september 28, 2013.

Evidence for larry sylinson update: i added a couple things at the end yeah hey, i thought i’d compile a list of gifs and videos showing why harry and louis are together and in love. Conspirators believe that star-crossed love has blossomed between larry stylinson (one direction alumni louis tomlinson and harry styles) and kaylor (taylor swift and karlie kloss), as well as riverdale heartthrobs kj apa and cole sprouse, barely-out-of-their-tweens stranger things actors finn wolfhard and jack grazer, and even bona fide movie stars like carol’s cate blanchett and rooney mara. Harry announced his first solo music video on 5/6/17 5 + 6 +17 = 28 dunkirk (harry’s first debut movie) and back to you (louis’ second single) was released on july 21 or 7/21 7 + 21 = 28 louis’ music video for back to you showed a house with the number 28 28 = harry styles and louis tomlinson is 28 characters. This is all the proof you need to realize that harry loves louisharry inched himself forward omg harry looks ashamed and louis like what the h is going on and liam's like my life is at risk find this pin and more on harry styles by mckinzee stewart. Louis tomlinson has addressed persistent rumors that he and harry styles are secretly in love used by shippers for years in one direction fan fiction, “larry” or “larry stylinson” refer.

A one direction tour rider is fueling the fire for fans who dream of louis tomlinson and harry styles together since only four dressing rooms are listed on 1d's venue request, larry shippers have. 46 times harry styles and louis tomlinson proved they belong together the most beautiful bromance to ever exist in the history of bromances. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love that was gay tbh that was so gay holy shit louis tomlinson harry styles larry larry stylinson larry smut larry is real larry proof larry fic louis and harry niall horan liam payne one direction 1d iconic mine 2,827 notes harry: how do you take. Harry styles and louis tomlinson were in a secret relationship a portion of the fanbase developed a theory that harry and louis were secretly dating the fact that a music video never.

Find and follow posts tagged larry proof on tumblr log in sign up swag-on-reylo #larry stylinson #larry is real #larry proof #harry styles #louis tomlinson #2011 was a banner year 17,844 notes larry-jikook-trash. Louis: your best friend and you are having a sleepover at your house you guys are currently in your pajamas, watching sappy movies, and eating a bunch of junk food you guys are currently in your pajamas, watching sappy movies, and eating a bunch of junk food. I do not believe that harry and louis are in a relationship, simply because their is no proof to the contrary harry and louis have each been linked to numerous women, and louis is now a dad, after a brief fling with one of them. There are tumblr accounts dedicated to their relationship, very detailed erotic fan fiction has been written and you can even get your hands on larry merchandise larries, as fans of the couple call themselves, have spent years compiling pictures, gifs and messages as evidence of harry and louis' everlasting love.

Proof that harry and louis are dating tumblr

Top 3 reasons proving that harry styles and louis tomlinson got married to each other on september 28th, 2013 the audio clips do not belong to me. Harry styles and louis tomlinson hug during one direction's final show (image: david fisher/rex shutterstock) the rumours have spawned thousands of tumblr tributes, fan artwork and fantasy. But over time, fans began to passionately ship harry and louis together as a couple despite the fact that louis had a girlfriend, eleanor calder.

I've been hearing news that they are gay, and they secretly went on a holiday together, but then louis says that larry is bullshit i think larry shippers have taken it too far, but are they gay. Harry styles just completely shocked the whole world with a single tweet the singer has been giving his fans tons of surprises lately with his new music but his latest tweet woke up a fandom that was obsessed with his friendship with his one direction bandmate louis tomlinson. Harry and louis live together so i did a post a few months ago about where harry lives here i also did a post recently here about how harry may have been outside his ‘home’ on 10 feb in a picture with a car dude. Larry stylinson shippers, rejoice harry styles and louis tomlinson can be seen holding hands in new photos that are making the rounds online, and these pictures are not fan edits — the one direction singers actually have their fingers entwined, and louis is even smiling.

Louis tomlinson and harry styles were in an on-screen matchup in sep 2010 about louis tomlinson is a 26 year old british singer born louis troy austin on 24th december, 1991 in doncaster, south yorkshire, england, uk, he is famous for one direction. Louis tomlinson is quoted as saying that harry styles is a good boyfriend and it’s like, he should know from personal experience, right badum bum, cymbal noise oh no i di-in’t before you link to your slash fic in the comments, let’s look at the quote in question, which to be fair is about all the one direction boyssuuure, a likely story. Your 100% confidence that harry and louis are in love is unhealthy i know you all mean well, but i am as sure that harry and louis are together as i am of my own name and, that sounds weird, i know. #23: he bullied you before the x-factor and you see him again louis: louis was always mr popular he was always cracking jokes, making people laugh, but one of those people was not you he always.

Proof that harry and louis are dating tumblr
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