Hook up heater core hoses

Re: heater core hook up « reply #6 on: october 09, 2009, 08:32:12 am » you'd just match the size of the hose to the inlet on the heater core as i believe they are 2 different sizes. I purchased a complete system from a member here i went to hook up the heater core to the hoses for the first start up and found out the the core has 2 - 5/8 spouts where my v6 has one 5/8 hose and one 3/4 hose. Part of the confusion is perhaps due to terminology the radiator lower hose is the suction/feed side for the wp, and suction/return by wp nipple for the heater core the pump pressurizes the block/head and thus the t-stat housing and upper radiator hose, which becomes feed for both radiator and heater core clear . When i installed the 408 in my mustang i decided i did not want to hook up the heater hoses for a couple of different reasons the car is only summer driven so i don't need any heat and i was also afraid of blowing the heater core.

The heater hose circulates constantly, but the thermostat can stop or almost stop flow through the radiator hose check that one too if the radiator hose isn't getting very hot, it's almost certainly the thermostat. You've got a 50 / 50 shot at which heater hose goes where does it really matter up next how to flush a heater core heater core replacement & dash disassembly. The heater core pipe is crimped on to the heater core itself, and so replacing the complete heater core instead of trying to patch the pipe is the best option if you need to drive the truck for service, you can attempt to bypass the heater core by connecting the two hoses to each other with a short length of metal tubing, instead of to the core. Re: 94 range 23l heater core hose hook up help i'm not positive but i think the heater core is just an open loop so it should not really matter which way the hoses are hooked up on there but i may be wrong.

There is a inlet an outlet i have had it bypassed for so long can't remember for sure how to hook up hoses one hose is from water pump the other goes to engine if they are both the same size, it really doesn't make any difference, but if one is 3/4 and the other 5/8s the 3/4 is the hot side yeah. I don't think it matters which way you hook up the heater core, so why make them different every car i have, including my mercedes use 5/8 heater hoses, as best i recall sep 23, 2012 #11. Re: heater hose hook up the reason the coolant enters the bottom of the core is to have the coolant flow from bottom to top to get more heat out of the coolant while in the core before it is returned to the pump.

They should have cut hoses unless you pulled them off they will be very close to the back of your motor and like i said, one above the other i'd take pictures but my car is 3 hrs away from me and as for how they are connected to your heater core: ( ps i have an s14)you will need to do some trimming of the hoses. The looped hose means a bad heater core the heater core in this 1966 gt provided 14 years of good service--until the other day. The manifold to heater core hoses can't be blocked off and still get good cooling results, but you can run the manifold port to the water pump port with one hose no blocking of the heater hose's i'm going to tell all the 50 guy's without a heater , they have a over heating problem. I got his car from the original owner and he purchased it with the heater installed by the dealer, they set it up with the thermostat hose going to the fire wall and the water pump hose going to the heater core box on the inner wheel well. The heater core hoses are right at the firewall, connecting directly to the heater core in/out-lets these could be nearly impossible to get at, unless(), you take the 20 mi nutes (or less.

Heater hose hook ups hate to admit it, but i am looking for how the heater hoses hook up it has been 20 years on the car and am working on installing the heater hose and i am not sure which one from the heater core goes to the water pump and which one goes to the intake. Am gonna 'y' in to the heater hoses but i'm kinda unsure of which hose is the hot hose there's a 3/4 hose coming from the water pump/ t'stat housing running to the top outlet at the heater core. So i just picked up a 2005 gmc 1500 sierra 53l the truck has every small common issue wrong with it the previous owner instead of dropping 12 bucks on the tool to remove the heater hose adapter decided to just have the hose run a loop and by pass the heater core. The po had disconnected the heater hoses turned out my core was fine, it was the control valve that was bad and leaking i tested my heater core using a section cut out of a bicycle tube.

Hook up heater core hoses

I have a 1972 dodge charger with a remanufactured 360 equiped with an edelbrock 340 torker manifold the hoses from the firewall/heater core have been cut. So, because this flow restriction is built into your engine, and not in the heater core itself, theoretically it shouldn't matter which way you hook up your supply and return hoses on the heater core - each of the pipes can be either inlet or outlet, core shouldn't care one bit. Allow engine to cool and release pressure from system, then disconnect heater hoses from heater core tubes, and plug hoses working in passenger compartment, remove glove compartment assembly remove seven screws attaching the heater core access cover to plenum chamber. Install a car's new heater core hose after lubing it and position the clamps by connecting each end of the heater hose learn how from our expert car mechanic in this free auto-maintenance video.

  • Heater core hose routing so after an engine swap from a non-ac blazer to an ac truckhow do i hook these darn heater core lines up the original trucks (ac) motor has two lines from the heater core, one from the radiator and one from the top of the blockim not really srue how they were hooked up.
  • The heater was not hooked up when i bought it, so there's nothing to go by my '77 has a v8, and the hose comes off the water pump and goes to the back of the motor i'm just not sure if the hose comes off the water pump and connects to the upper or lower heater core connection.
  • The hose you have circled goes to the heater core the front of the metal tube is connected to the outlet of the water pump the other side of the heater core goes to the heater control valve located at the back of the head.

Can someone please confirm my thoughts on which heater hose would be considered the inlet to the heater on my 1950 chevy there is a hose from the water pump to the heater core mounted on the inner fender between the battery tray and the firewall and there is a hose from the connection on the firewall to the bottom of the thermostat housing. Can anyone please post a picture of how the coolant hoses are hooked up to the heater core on the firewall i'm trying to finish up my car today, but i'm not really sure which hose is the bottom one and which one is the top one. If it is a non ac vehicle, the hoses and coolant flow from the fitting close to the thermostat housing to the lower heater core tube, then out the upper heater core tube to the fitting on the water pump if it has ac, the hose from the upper heater core tube connects to the fitting on the radiator.

Hook up heater core hoses
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